Lawrence Paintings

John Lawrence is a painter born in Kent and made a name for himself in the 1960s when he was commissioned by Wilkinson Sword to produce a set of engravings of ceremonial swords.

During the 80s and 90s, Lawrence worked for some major advertisers and he produced illustrations for bank notes and personal cheques and a series of seven Christmas advertisements for Harrods. Since 1993 he has concentrated on his oil paintings under the tuition of the artist Eddie Franklin and was encouraged to develop his painting style. His work includes marine, landscapes and townscapes all of which he skilfully captures on canvas.

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What they say

"As my online gallery website had been in existence for quite some period of time, I was beginning to feel it needed updating and modernising. I approached Matt Conrad for advice."

"As his ideas were quite an eye opener, I asked him to proceed with a completely new website and design."

"How pleased I am that I made that decision as not only is it modern and easy to navigate, but has features that I did not know existed, thus it was individually tailored to my technique and style! The delightful comments I have already received from people make the future exciting for me, as I now want to go ahead with new and fresh advertising ideas."

John Lawrence
Lawrence Paintings