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John Lawrence contacted me to supply a new responsive website to present his work and exhibitions to ensure that the paintings sung and presented to the user his incredible paintings in a clear efficient manner.

The website provides an easy to user homepage containing all the information available a single page, but contains numerous sub sections detailing John’s work. Paintings are categories into clear sections providing a simple interface for users to view individualĀ painting details. The site also details recent and past exhibitions, information on commissions as well as details of prints available and what his clients feel about his work.

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What they say

"As my online gallery website had been in existence for quite some period of time, I was beginning to feel it needed updating and modernising. I approached Matt Conrad for advice."

"As his ideas were quite an eye opener, I asked him to proceed with a completely new website and design."

"How pleased I am that I made that decision as not only is it modern and easy to navigate, but has features that I did not know existed, thus it was individually tailored to my technique and style! The delightful comments I have already received from people make the future exciting for me, as I now want to go ahead with new and fresh advertising ideas."

John Lawrence
Lawrence Paintings